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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, is a ground-breaking, non-invasive process of treatment. When patients go through this therapy, they breathe 100 per cent pure oxygen in a specifically created hyperbaric chamber that has a higher-than-normal pressure. People opt for this therapy to enhance their bodies’ natural healing procedures. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Utah from is customized to improve people’s general health and recovery. Many people, including individuals suffering from chronic conditions, looking for wellness treatments, and athletes, benefit a lot from HBOT.

The conditions HBOT treat

HBOT is utilized to treat various conditions like arterial gas embolism, serious anemia, sudden deafness, poisoning from carbon monoxide, burns, brain abscesses, and crushing injury, among others. This therapy assists in treating several medical conditions as it increases the flow of oxygen in both tissues and blood. As a result, a person’s body can resist infection and heal damaged tissues.

  • Tissue oxygenation– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the concentration of oxygen in tissues. Due to this, people can resist infection. When they go through repeated treatments, they end up encouraging the normal levels of tissue oxygen, and it continues even when they do not seek this treatment anymore.
  • Immune system– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps in blocking hazardous bacteria. Additionally, it augments the capability of WBC to find and kill invaders.
  • Tiredness– When patients go through trivial HBOT, they find enhanced absorption of oxygen in their blood, and it helps them in relieving tiredness. The notable thing is that HBOT does not cause oxidative stress.
  • Healing of wounds– If you want to heal your damaged tissue, you should opt for HBOT, as it encourages the development of new skin, connective tissues, and blood vessels. Additionally, HBOT also promotes angiogenesis, which is mandatory for healing.

The tenure of the sessions of HBOT

Every session of HBOT lasts for nearly one hour, and during this time, you can listen to music, sleep, or relax.

What can you expect during HBOT?

Not everyone is proficient enough to carry out the HBOT process. Many hospitals and clinics offer this chamber. People lie, sit comfortably, and relax in these chambers to take deep breaths. An HBOT session lasts from forty-five minutes to three hundred minutes, and the time is dependent on the reason for which a person goes for this treatment. When the pressure rises, the patient’s ears might feel plugged, which is similar to the feeling of going up mountains or sitting in an airplane. In this condition, if he chews chewing gum or swallows something, it brings their ears to normal.

The patient’s blood transports the additional oxygen all through the body, and it infuses the wounded tissues that require more oxygen to heal. Patients feel lightheaded when they undergo the sessions of HBOT. At times, they come across some mild side effects, too, like headaches, tiredness, and claustrophobia. However, they become normal in a short period. After you undergo HBOT, you shouldn’t drive and have someone to do this job for you. At times, patients need more than one session of HBOT; hence, it seems feasible to see whether or not your insurance company does cover the cost.

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