EnterInfi is a one-stop entertainment and productivity solution for all your needs, and its native token is turning heads.

The world of blockchain has evolved significantly in the last few years, covering every segment and market. However, one of the domains that was left relatively untouched by these advancements was entertainment. Users still had to go with the conventional options like Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify and the likes, which to be honest, were basically centred around a specific consumer base and, on a predictable singular pattern.

But that’s about to change with EnterInfi, an all-in-one integrated platform offering Audio & Video on Demand, Virtual Reality, and AI-powered home security and automation. The best part is that EnterInfi is a blockchain-based platform, meaning subscribers stand to benefit from the security, durability, and reliability of blockchain.

All the four services offered by EnterInfi are market-favourites and haven’t witnessed a fall in demand in over a decade. On the contrary, Virtual Reality and AI-powered solutions are an emerging market with an exponentially increasing user adoption rate. Major tech giants like Meta and Microsoft are trying to capitalize on the Virtual Reality and AI market with every passing day. But even after pumping billions of dollars, they have not been able to achieve the dominance they hoped for. And, a part of the credit goes to platforms like EnterInfi, which aim to deliver user-oriented solutions through cutting-edge technology!

How is EnterInfi better than the available options?

EnterInfi isn’t like any conventional unsecured multimedia streaming platform that rakes a ton of money without giving contributors their fair share. It differs in three crucial aspects.

First, EnterInfi offers a lot more services and aims to be an all-in-one solution for your every need. Here, one can effortlessly transition between Audio on Demand, Video on Demand, Virtual Reality, and Home Automation, all through a simple swipe.

Second, being a blockchain-based platform, EnterInfi is secure and decentralized, ensuring that users completely control all the information. Parameters like total views, hours watched, concurrent viewers, and more, which are often exclusive to the platform, are publicly available on Enter Infi. Viewers can leave honest feedback in exchange for rewards, and creators can adjust their future content accordingly for better performance. It’s the collaboration between community members that fosters the growth of EnterInfi, not simply the high subscription fee and proceeds from advertising, as is the case with your conventional media streaming platforms.

Lastly, content creators are handsomely remunerated on EnterInfi for their work. It’s the perfect platform for newcomers who benefit from the constructive feedback provided by the viewers and increase their chances of success in subsequent projects.

A glance at EnterInfi’s official website will give you a sneak peek into a ton of creative projects breaking boundaries and stereotypes.

About the INFI token

Like any blockchain project, EnterInfi has a native token, INFI. The token facilitates transactions on the platform and is also a sign of ownership. On the one hand, you can use it as currency to pay the subscription fees and for merchandise, while on the other, holding INFI grants you a direct claim to the project’s profits.

All token holders receive their share of 25% of the project’s profits annually, depending on the number of tokens held in the wallet at the end of the fiscal year.

Besides, INFI will soon be available for trading on exchanges, ensuring a rise in the token’s value upon the future growth of the project, thus delivering direct returns to holders. Remember, holding long-term is the key in projects that intend to disrupt the market, and EnterInfi is a classic example!

INFI’s tokenomics

The total supply of INFI is capped at 1 billion, of which 50% (500 million) will be available during the Pre, Private and Public Sale. The initial token value is $0.08, translating into $80,000,000 ($80 million) for the total initial project value.

In the Pre-Sale, 50 million tokens will be up for grabs. For the Private Sale, it’s 350 million tokens, while for the Public Sale, it’s 100 million.

As for the token distribution, 10% of INFI will be reserved for the team, 5% for collaborations and partnerships, 30% for maintenance funds, 2.5% for community campaigns, and another 2.5% for brand ambassador programmes.

The token distribution is formulated with the long-term success of EnterInfi in mind as an entertainment platform, virtual reality solution, and AI-powered home automation service. Funds have already been set aside for efficient maintenance and future collaborations, ensuring its relevance years down the line, even if it doesn’t emerge as the market leader.

In short, EnterInfi has become one of the most exciting projects in the landscape, bridging the gap between entertainment and blockchain.

To find out more about EnterInfi, visit the official token information website: and the media website

Token sale will kick off on:

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