Why Nano Diamond Coated Dies are the Best for Wire Drawing?

Modern manufacturing is one of high performance where quality is paramount in each stage of production. This is because the customers like to buy only high-quality products and reject them if they find the quality compromised. The same holds for nano dies which have found wide application in several areas of industries. SZWIREDIE is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality Nano dies and has clients worldwide. They have high-technology and modernized equipment to produce these dies and have stringent quality control and a system of checks in place in their factory. Their highly experienced and dedicated technical workforce gives free consultancy to other businesses worldwide and ensures that the dies bought from their site are well-suited and high-performing for their clients.

As you may be aware nano diamond coated dies are the best choice for manufacturers who are involved in cable stranding, bunching, compacting wire drawing, and tube drawing. These are usually available at the company’s site ranging from 0.50 to 120 mm which meets most requirements of the clients. They are highly efficient for uses requiring stranded cables in electrical transmission.

Applications of Nano Dies

Uses of Nano Dies have been growing exponentially due to emerging modern industries where they are being used for enhanced productivity. The Nano wire drawing die has a lifespan that is 10 times longer than the tungsten carbide wire dies. There are several types of wire drawing including welding wire drawing, tube drawing, stainless steel, etc with wire drawing dies and they enhance the efficiency considerably.

The welding wire drawing again is of low-carbon steel wire, medium and high-carbon steel wire. The nano wire drawing die works during the entire life of the die and reduces the cost of raw materials used resulting in cutting down on expenses. They also produce smoother surfaces, low friction, and increased performance over PCD and Tungsten carbide die.

It is this long die-life that helps the clients reduce their overall cost and thereby enables them to use the excess resources in other areas of production. At SZWIREDIE you get solutions to your problems and round-the-clock support so that the relationship doesn’t end after you have made the purchase.

The company’s research wing has established the fact that the nano dies have compacting over 500km conductor during their lifespan and tungsten carbide dies only compact 20 to 30km.

Benefits of Nano Dies

Manufacturers of wire drawings, tube drawings, etc benefit greatly from the high-performing dies from the above company. They are wider in diameter when compared to PCD and are specially made for stranding and compacting. The surface of the nano diamond coated dies is smooth and polished like a mirror and above all has low friction levels.

The superior surface finish means that there will be no deformation for optimum cable conductivity and it reduces dust. It is noteworthy that the diamond particles in the die are all oriented in the same direction. The single-directed all-diamond crystal structure provides immense strength and hardness.

For further information, you may find the company’s customer care responsive and ready to give you further suggestions.

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