OLIGHT – Warrior X 4 USB-C and MCC Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

The Olight Warrior X4 rechargeable tactical torch stands as a formidable companion, engineered to conquer darkness and deliver stunning brightness for outdoor lovers and adventurers. Providing up to 2,600 lumens and casting a beam that stretches 630 meters, the Warrior X4 strikes a perfect balance between targeted illumination and ambient lighting, boasting a peak beam intensity of 99,310 candela.

Featuring dual recharging capabilities via MCC and Type-C, the Warrior X4 make sure versatility and ease.  The new design permits for a heavy tap or soft grip, providing fast and clear lighting support based on the users preference. The metal tail switch adds reliability and durability to the full construction of the flashlight.


Maximum beam distance: 630m

The Olight Warrior X4 is engineered to deliver stunning visibility with its highest beam distance of 630 meters. Whether you are navigating through dense forests, scanning vast distances, traversing open fields, the Warrior X4 strong beam make sure you can see far and wide, enhancing safety and situational awareness.

LED: High performance cool white LED

The Warrior X4 is furnished with a high-performance cool white LED, providing light within the range of 5700-6700K. This LED technology delivers crisp, clear illumination, with right color rendering, permitting you to distinguish details and perceive your surroundings rightly, improving your full outdoor experience.

Maximum brightness: 2600 Lumens

Experience high brightness with the Olight Warrior X4, improving a highest output of 2,600 lumens. This remarkable brightness capability make sure that even the darkest atmosphere are illuminated with clarity, providing you with the confidence to explore and tackle any adventure, night or day.

Power source

The Warrior X4 comes equipped with a customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium-ion battery, offering long-lasting and reliable power to support your adventures. This high-capacity battery make sure extended runtime, permitting you to explore the outdoors without hesitating about running out of power. Additionally, the added battery is designed for performance and durability, ensuring continue power delivery in diverse atmosphere.

Light intensity

With a stunning light intensity of 99,310 candela, the Warrior X4 provides a strong and concentrated beam that penetrates through darkness with ease. Whether you are illuminating a specific area or spotlighting distant objects a specific area, this remarkable light intensity make sure optimal visibility, making it an indispensable tool for outdoor lovers and professional alike.

Charge type

Enjoy problem-free recharging with the Warrior X4 versatile charging features. Whether you favor the ease of the MCC USB magnetic charging cable or the flexibility of the USB type-C charging port, the Warrior X4 accommodates your charging preference. Just connect the right charging cable to replenish the battery, ensuring that your torch is forever ready for action whenever you need it.

Lens/reflector type

Designed for optical clarity and durability, the Warrior X4 specs a strong 3mm tempered glass lens. This high standard lens material provides best resistance to impacts, scratches, and environmental elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging situations. Additionally, the precision-engineered lens better light transmission and beam standard, delivering reliable and continue glow for your outdoor adventures.

Mode operation

Effortlessly control the Warrior X4 lighting modes with its stunning tail switch operation. Whether you need to toggle between various brightness levels, activate the stroke feature for emergency signaling, or access unique modes for specific jobs, the tail switch design permits for convenient and fast mode selection, empowering you to customize the lighting according to your preferences and needs.


Whether you are camping near the water, hiking in the rain, or exploring humid climates, the Warrior X4 provides reliable illumination with the danger of water damage, ensuring dependable performance when you need it most.

Impact resistance

Built to withstand the rigors of open-air use, the Warrior X4 boasts a remarkable impact resistance of two meters. Whether you accidentally drop your torch or encounter rough terrain during your adventures, you can trust that the Warrior X4 will continue to function reliably without compromising its durability and performance. This rugged construction makes sure relaxation of mind, permitting you to focus on your exploration without hesitating about equipment damage.


Ergonomic and compact, the Warrior X4 specs dimensions of 39.5mm in head diameter, 149mm in length, and 26mm in body diameter. This fully designed form factor provides a relax grip and simple handing, permitting you to carry and use the torch with confidence during open-air adventures. Whether you are packing it in your backpack, save it in your pocket, or attaching it to your gear, the Warrior X4 compact size make sure portability without compromising performance.


Despite its robust specs and durable construction, the Warrior X4 remains portable and lightweight at just 249g with the added battery. This optimized weight distribution makes sure relax handing and minimal fatigue during prolonged use, permitting you to carry the torch with ease on your outdoor excursions. Whether you are camping, hiking, or performing outdoor activities, the Warrior X4 lightweight design make sure that it would not weight you down, making it an essential companion for your adventures.


What are the accessible lighting modes and how do I switch between them?

The Olight Warrior X4 torch provides multiple lighting modes to match various conditions and needs. These modes generally contain different brightness levels, a strobe feature for emergency signaling, and possibly unique modes for specific jobs. To switch between lighting modes, use the torch tail switch operation. Press the tail switch to turn the flashlight off/on and lightly press or click the switch to cycle through the accessible modes.

How do I recharge the Olight Warrior X4 torch?              

The Olight Warrior X4 torch can be recharged using either the added MCC USB magnetic charging cable or through the USB Type-C charging port. Just connect the right charging cable to the torch and a power source, such as power bank or USB adapter, to start the charging process. The torch battery indicator will show the charging status, permitting you to check the progress conveniently. Make sure that the charging port and cable connections are safe to facilitate efficient charging.

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