Behind the Brand: How ShoppeDance's Founder Is Redefining Leadership in the New Era of E-commerce

E-commerce has revolutionized how businesses operate and consumers shop, offering unparalleled convenience, broader selections, and the ability to compare prices and products easily. Large online retailers and marketplaces dominated e-commerce initially. However, technological advancement and payment processing have leveled the playing field, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to compete globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to a surge in e-commerce adaptation, with many businesses transitioning from physical stores to online models for survival.

Entrepreneur and e-commerce expert Jiehui ‘Jason’ Zeng observes that the recent surge in demand presents unparalleled opportunities for innovation within the e-commerce sector. In response to this digital evolution, Zeng introduces ShoppeDance, a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize TikTok shop management and data intelligence across multiple channels. This initiative by Zeng aims to empower e-commerce stores to flourish in the market, offering an all-encompassing solution for seamless cross-channel management and insightful data analytics.

In an interview with Tech Bullion, Zeng shares the story behind ShoppeDance and how he envisions the platform to streamline more e-commerce businesses and boost their revenue in a $1 trillion industry.

Before we dive into ShoppeDance, can you share a short background on how you got into e-commerce?

As a Wuhan University graduate, my first entrepreneurial venture was founding my first company, Wuhan Yushan Technology 2013, where I developed applications that turned heads and won awards. From there, I landed professional and managerial experience at top-tier companies – Alibaba and ByteDance, which operate TikTok. That’s where I got first-hand invaluable insight into e-commerce, picking up all the nitty-gritty details and insider know-how. It was an incredible learning curve.

When did you create ShoppeDance? What was your initial vision for it?

Leveraging my experience at ByteDance, I developed and launched ShoppeDance in May 2023 to enable TikTok brands and influencers to sell to consumers more efficiently and manage their back-office inventory and bookkeeping. I chose TikTok because of its staggering user base, exceeding 150 million monthly users, with sales projections to $56.17 billion in the US. It’s an industry ripe for growth and innovation, which I want to maximize.

How does ShoppeDance work? 

When I designed ShoppeDance, my main goal was to sort out this tricky thing – linking Shopify and Amazon stores with TikTok shops. The platform ensures a harmonious synchronization of products, orders, and inventory. That’s what ShoppeDance does, and it’s all thanks to some really smart AI that we’ve got working in the background. It handles heaps of products, orders, and all that customer info, making sure everything from getting orders out to keeping track of stock is a breeze.

We’ve got something for every business, big or small. ShoppeDance offers a range of subscription plans, starting at a modest $18/month. Each plan provides access to bespoke AI-driven solutions meticulously designed to help businesses figure out the often complex digital marketplace and meet the distinct needs of each business.

I am proud of how ShoppeDance quickly raised $1.1 million in funding, catapulting its valuation to $10 million in just a few months. That’s a big deal, especially considering how tough it is to get venture capital. You know, less than 1% of startups make it that far. It shows how much people believe in what we’re doing and how we’re shaking things up in the e-commerce world.

ShoppeDance has been recognized for its innovative approach. Can you discuss any specific innovations that you’re particularly proud of?

Aside from ShoppeDance, another thing I’m excited about is launching ViralTrend. It’s a TikTok Shop analytics tool designed to help businesses boost revenue with fast, accurate, and comprehensive data from TikTok Shop. I created this tool to inform businesses about what’s hot and what’s not, helping them make smart choices on what to sell and who to partner with to boost their sales. It’s all about getting that data quick, clear, and super detailed.

ShoppeDance also has VeriSync, which enables shops to seamlessly sync their products to TikTok Shop from various platforms like Shopify and Amazon. Any orders owners receive sync right back to their e-commerce platform, making managing orders and stock a walk in the park since everything is in one central location.

With these features, I aimed to transition shops from manual data entry and missed sales opportunities to effortless order fulfillment. We’re making the platform a reliable and powerful ally for TikTok Shop business, standing on our reputation as the #1 business app on TikTok.

Can you share success stories from some shops that used ShoppeDance?

ShoppeDance has been used by over 4,000 leading e-commerce businesses today, but some of our notable success stories include ENZENZIA and Lomotec.

When ENZENZIA Wholesale’s CEO began using ShoppeDance to improve their TikTok Shop live streams, we teamed up with a bunch of creative creators to help promote his products. And it worked! Two months later, their TikTok Shop orders skyrocketed from just 16 to a whopping 9,000.

And then there’s Lomotec, which sells interior LEDs, and was already earning over $100m in revenue via Shopify and Amazon. But after they started using ShoppeDance, Lomotec managed to handle over 60 TikTok Shop stores and saw their orders go from zero to nearly 100,000 a month. ShoppeDance even supported Lomotec’s expansion to US-based order fulfillment and helped them integrate their TikTok sales with their preexisting Shopify and Amazon channels.

Building a solid company culture is crucial for success. What values are at the core of ShoppeDance’s culture, and how do you instill them in your team?

Navigating the tech world is like riding a rollercoaster – it’s full of twists and turns, with consumer trends constantly changing. Our fundamental mantra has always been to embrace constant adaptation and growth. Especially with social media platforms like TikTok, you’ve got to stay on your toes and be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. We understand the imperative of ongoing flexibility.

My team and I are excited about the prospects of boosting visibility and sales for a diverse range of stores and products. We aim to connect sellers with a huge pool of potential customers smoothly. We’re here to help businesses effortlessly reach out to their target audience. It’s all about making those connections easier and more effective.

Final Thoughts Embracing the Future

As ShoppeDance grows and develops products like ViralTrend, its potential to revolutionize the US e-commerce landscape is undeniable. Under Zeng’s leadership, ShoppeDance promises to significantly enhance how businesses connect with customers, driving a more integrated and seamless digital shopping experience.

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